External Audit Services for Qatari Companies Registered in Ministry of Commerce and Industry

An overview of the activities of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Qatar


  • To implement the policies governing the commercial registrations of commercial entities and trade agents operating in Qatar
  • To monitor and regulator the market of the private sector
  • To manage and supervise the Trade Agents Register and Commercial Register
  • Give a review of the commercial license applications
  • Maintain an updated record of craftsmanship activities in the domains of economics, professionals, and commercialism
  • Issue commercial licenses to businesses
  • To verify the food and fodder certificates for GCC & Arab countries, Qatar, and globally
  • Review the trade agency controls to ensure they are meeting the standards
  • Develop and implement the terms and conditions that relate to principles of reciprocity when exporting commodities and goods to other countries of the approved local agents


BookkeepingQatar.com’s Auditing Services for Companies Working Under Ministry of Commerce and Industry Qatar


BookkeepingQatar.com’s external audit services are there to ensure your business complies with the bookkeeping and auditing requirements of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Qatar. We ensure more insight is delivered in each external auditing assignment to help improve business functions and contribute to your organization’s long-term growth and prosperity.


We provide assurance and statutory external auditing services for various types of organizations to ensure they comply and are governed as per the regulations of applicable professional bodies. We have the experience of working with different sized organizations and clients in different sectors. Our auditing services for businesses help them protect their commercial interests.


BookkeepingQatar.com’s voluntary auditing service offers many benefits, with an independent review of the financial statements of your Qatari business. Local business owners would particularly find it very useful if they rely on a management team for running their day-to-day businesses. Also, entrepreneurs looking to sell their business or seeking investment can surely rely on our external auditors’ services to get a clear understanding of areas that need improvement to achieve greater operational efficiency.


Humanized Auditing Services

Our clients remain the center of the external auditing services we offer. We work in consultation with our clients, ensuring they agree to the scope of an audit before we start our work. This approach allows us to focus on the statutory aspects and help improve the mission-critical business processes.


  • You get a clear audit plan and know what you will require and when
  • To minimize disruptions while settling the queries at the earliest possible
  • Offer a more transparent review of the financial processes, clearly highlighting what needs to be done and recommending improvements accordingly
  • A responsive approach ensures alignment with your requirements and designs to let you identify and mitigate key challenges and manage your business’s risks, overcome issues making it difficult to navigate the regulatory framework, and keep track of your business performance


Get in touch with BookkeepingQatar.com at info[at]bookkeepingqatar.com or call us at +974 5090 5844 for more information on how we can assist in bringing material improvements to your commercial venture.

A High-Performance Credibility Model

Efficiency and Speed

At BookkeepingQatar.com, we understand the complexities involved in handling the external auditing assignments of various types of business organizations operating in Qatar. This level of work and experience gives us the skills to conduct and deliver high-quality external audits in a cost-effective manner. Extensive staff training helps resolve issues quickly while bringing material improvements to ongoing business processes. Our team of external auditors knows what to look for and how to bring desired improvements.


Onsite Work

We partner with professionals at BookkeepingQatar.com to follow a proactive approach for streamlining the audits and resolving matters that arise. No matter how tough an external auditing assignment is, we possess robust tools and technologies that deliver an efficient and thorough auditing process.


Affordable External Auditing Services in Qatar

BookkeepingQatar.com has developed a service-oriented model that offers highly-trained staff, using advanced auditing methodologies and new technologies to offer highly competitive services when you compare them with the Big 4 and other Qatari external auditing firms. We spare no resources so that you get premium quality auditing services from top external auditing firms in Doha.


Specialists of External Auditing Services

Besides conducting traditional external audits, BookkeepingQatar.com offers a wide range of auditing services as per each clients’ specific needs. Our team reviews the financial statements to satisfy the regulatory and other requirements.


An External Auditing Company in Qatar with Global Competencies

Even if you are having your business outside Qatar, we can coordinate with our partner external auditing firms to conduct for you audits in other countries.


Get in touch with BookkeepingQatar.com at +974 5090 5844 or drop us an email at info[at]bookkeepingqatar.com for more information.


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