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The company formation services that offers is detailed and meticulous, taking care of all the processes and documentation required with a quick turnover.


Let us look at some of the options of registering a company in Qatar


Shelf Company

When you have a short time to form a company, you can buy yourself a shelf company. It saves you time and lets you commence business as soon as you have the shelf company transferred.


Virtual Office

There are different options for establishing a virtual office in Qatar. Find out more about the virtual office services that offers.



If you are a big organization and want to have a subsidiary company set up in Qatar, that option is also available. Get all the documentation help from us to have an extended presence of your business.


Branch Office

There is another option of opening a branch office in Qatar too.


The Process of Establishing a Company with a Quick Overview

The companies with a foreign presence outside Qatar will require a representative for carrying out their business.


Here is a quick glance through what you will require for forming a legal business entity in Doha.


  • An approval from the commercial register after availability is confirmed.
  • Register yourself a trademark so that your company’s identity remains unique and no one can use it.
  • Open a business bank account to deposit a minimum share capital.
  • Submit the Articles of Association to the Qatar Commercial Companies Control Department for approval.
  • Take care of the documentation requirements of the Commercial Registry governed by Qatar’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Upon company registration, you will get a company seal prepared.
  • It is time to apply for the trade and signage license from the Doha Municipality.
  • Make sure that you have the licenses and permits for conducting commercial activities as per the nature of your industry.

The above mentioned are some of the most important ones to have your company registered and set up a business in Qatar.


LLC Registration in Qatar

Approval for LLC is required from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Some things to keep in mind

  • Verification and reservation of company name for documentation
  • Get the Memorandum and Articles of Association with an Arabic version translated
  • Set up a business or corporate bank account within Qatar with a minimum QAR deposit of 200,000
  • Get any additional permits or licenses if required

Foreign company owners cannot hold more than a 49% stake in Qatar businesses. 51% of the share belongs to a Qatari citizen who chooses to become a partner.


Branch Office

You get a decree from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Qatar to open a branch office. Make sure you submit the required documents and get them approved by relevant authorities.


  • As a company wanting to operate a branch office, you need to share details of your parent company in writing
  • Submit the Articles and Memorandum of Association with a certificate of registration of the foreign shareholding company, power of attorney, and approval by the Commercial Registry in Qatar


Shelf Company

Investors and foreigners can open a shelf company, a ready-made organization that you can buy to save yourself time and effort to meet all the formation requirements.

Be careful to buy a shelf company with a clean corporate history with no outstanding liabilities or pending litigations.


Holding Company

You need a minimum of QAR 10 million to establish a public holding company in Qatar. There is no wealth tax, VAT, or withholding on holding companies. The approval for a holding company comes from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.


Shareholding Company

You require 5 shareholders or more to have a shareholding company. The maximum number of shareholders cannot be more than 11. All the shareholders must consent to the type of company they want to form, either private or public.

A holding company is formed to hold many companies but not to indulge in any business activities.


Liaison Office

Liaison or representative office establishes your presence in Qatar. Entrepreneurs who want to have their presence for customers in Qatar, can open a liaison office. You can rely on your representative of the liaison office to perform marketing activities for your business to reach customers.


There is no need for a minimum shareholding capital, however, you are allowed to perform financial transactions or sign contracts. You can use this office for marketing and business promotions. Approval of the Ministry of Economy and commerce lets you open a liaison office in Qatar.


Virtual Office in Qatar

A virtual office in Qatar means you do not need a physical office. Services you will get for virtual office include fax, mail forwarding and collection, fax, and virtual assist for office work. You can also use services for secretarial work and have a reputable business address.

There are different types of packages available for a virtual office. Examples of such services for a VA office include a collection of bank statements and the booking of meeting rooms.


Company Taxes in Qatar

Get a low corporate tax rate so you don’t have to worry about paying too much. A 10% corporate tax rate is applicable. Oil & gas companies have a corporate tax rate of 35%. These companies do not need to pay withholding tax on dividends. There are no additional taxes to pay on property, payroll, or capital duty. Qatar VAT is yet to be implemented in the country.


Trade License Registration in Qatar

The registration application differs with each type of company and you can contact the local offices or Commercial Registry for more information. Rely on their one-stop-shop system that helps foreign investors in fulfilling the regulatory requirements in Qatar. Trade Registration in Qatar approval is given by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.


Entrepreneurs and natural persons can verify the Commercial Registry the information about total employees, owners, and registration data with no extra charge.


Foreign investors registering a company in Qatar need to get it registered with the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Commercial Registry. You can rely on the government’s one-shop-stop system of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. Make sure you provide all the necessary information about the company you wish to register in Qatar including details about


  • Company Directors
  • Managers
  • Number of Employees
  • Authorized Individuals
  • Contact Details


Requirements for Registering a Company with QFC (Qatar Financial Centre)

QFC (Qatar Financial Centre) is an investment zone where you need to register as a business with its tax regime. The company is registered on a companies’ register, accessible to the public within its special investment zone.


Details required include

  • Company’s official address in Qatar
  • Information regarding the company’s founders and shareholders
  • Types of business activities licensed that need to be undertaken to run as a commercial enterprise in Qatar


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