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Businesses already know how accounting on computer software can benefit them. They can maintain their books of accounts with fewer mistakes and faster calculations. It is easier for financial reporting and recordkeeping. The use of computers has become globally to benefit from so much computing power.


There are many accounting software products available for companies operating in Qatar. Each one of the accounting software companies claims to be better than the rest. Thus, it takes considerable effort for the business owners to decide which one of the accounting software packages suits their specific needs. For you to decide which accounting software is best for your business in Qatar, get in touch with


As qualified and experienced chartered accountancy professionals we possess extensive experience of different accounting software packages for companies in Qatar including QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho, Peach Tree, and SAGE. For us to decide which accounting software is best for your organization, we study your business, industry, and desired functionalities.


The accounting functions vary with the type of accounting software package you select. We also suggest using accounting software that makes bookkeeping easier. Functionalities like audit scheduling and check-writing can add a lot of value and convenience. Additional features may also include automatic synchronization of data across different locations and maintaining inventory.


An accounting software suitable for one company may not be appropriate for another business enterprise. ensures the selection of the right package with the functions that your business needs so you don’t have to pay for functions you do not require.’s team can also provide your staff training to bring them up to speed with the suggested accounting software if there is a need.


Zoho Accounting Software

Zoho is VAT-compliant accounting software for businesses operating in Qatar. One of the things that differentiate Zoho from the rest is the packages that it offers, with many additional apps and programs. It also provides across mobile OS compatibility for iOS, Android, and Windows You can also use its cloud storage to access the data from anywhere.


There is integration for purchase and sales orders, workflows, inventory, reporting, payment of bills, projects, banking, invoicing expenses, and estimates. Zoho has a user-friendly interface that enables customers to make a large number of payments and access all transactions in one place. Customers are also given the option to provide feedback for improvement in service quality. Zoho lets you track and report VAT in Qatar and is also recognized globally among the top accounting software packages.


QuickBooks Accounting Software

Intuit is the company behind QuickBooks. QuickBooks was once known as an entry-level software because it offered low prices and an easy-to-navigate interface. Accountants and businesses across industries use it for managing their bookkeeping functions.


There is a number of different product options available.


QuickBooks Pro Edition

Besides the bookkeeping functions, if you need additional options, you can opt for the Pro version.


  • A Bill Tracker with more options readily available
  • Easily clear the send forms queue with just one step
  • You can also utilize a reporting feature known as “this year to last month”
  • Integration of international shipping including FedEx, USPS, and UPS
  • Insights for the homepage to help improve business performance reports
  • A single window for you to view all the notifications and reminders for various items related to the system, to-dos, and overdue.
  • Share files with your accountant using Advanced Accountant Collaboration Tools
  • You can also pin employee notes for customers, vendors, and employees
  • Allows for you to attach multiple files with emails and reports
  • Customize and create multiple email templates
  • More than 100 pre-configured report formats
  • Get all your income-producing transactions in one place
  • Call different banks and accounts together for tax purposes
  • Trace bounced checks, use the lead center for sales leads, document enter to store documents and reports with industry-specific formats to share different users
  • Insights on key customers, transactions with recurring actions that need memorization, worksheets transfer to excel in original format, and creation of forms and invoices
  • Share invoices and estimates directly via Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail email service providers
  • Track the inventory with purchase orders and reorder points
  • Printing of the deposit slips, using 3 concurrent database users, and data files support for 150 to 200 MB


QuickBooks Premier


  • Over 150 preconfigured industry-related business reports
  • Report on cost to complete the job, support for up to 5 concurrent database users, “cost to complete the job” report, and conveniently import contacts using email address books and Excel
  • Track balance sheet using location and departments among other options
  • Track expenses and time using client employee, service, and project
  • The job phase allows progressive billing, you can track change orders, and make inventory data accessible in one place


QuickBooks Enterprise


The features of QuickBooks Premier with additional functions like


  • Support for up to 10 concurrent users with 30 concurrent users
  • Capable of supporting over 2GB files, and uses preferred rates when accepting credit card payments
  • Provide technical support with expert assistance and upgrades like online backup creation for QuickBooks data, availability in the cloud, and batch invoicing
  • Access control using individual permissions for up to 115 activities, creation of customized financial reports using Intuit Statement Writer
  • Tracking of fixed assets
  • To simultaneously work in two files
  • Let’s you track over 100,000 customers, inventory items, vendors, and employees
  • Select from 14 predefined user roles for enabling new users
  • Allows the use of multiple activities in multiuser mode, gives access to advanced reporting using QuickBooks data, and consolidates reports with various company files.


Consolidation of reports using different companies, directly connecting database with ODBC compliance and improves inventory management (creation of purchase orders, management of re-order points, and inventory tasks that collocate inventory center, tracking of the bin location, scanning bar card, tracking of serial number and lot ID tracking and support for multiple locations inventory, costing in FIFO, and controlling as well as automating pricing via QuickBooks


QuickBooks Mac (Contains most of the functions that the Windows version has with some additions)

  • Improvement in the launch time using old Mac versions, search locates information quickly and populates 1099s for contractors
  • Access to 115 reports with just one click
  • Option to export to Numbers and MS Excel
  • Contains Windows compatible data for Mac, PC, Tablet, and Smartphone


Three Subscription Levels


Simple Start


  • Simple start using track incomes, expenses
  • Creation of invoices and estimates
  • Sync with apps and bank accounts




  • Get all the functions of Simple Start
  • Manage and make bill payments
  • Immediately access sale and profit reports



  • Prepare and print 1099
  • Let’s you add inventory tracking


Intuit QuickBase

It is an online cloud-based database software package. Intuit focuses a lot on providing simpler interfaces and the same apply to QuickBase. Let’s you integrate the data to sync with cloud apps and you can leverage the expertise of other professionals who offer custom solutions including training.


Here is an overview of its three versions


QuickBase Essential


  • Ideal for small teams of 10 users
  • You can use it with a workflow tool to replace spreadsheets
  • Get 10 customizable business applications
  • Use predefined roles, accessing all applications on a single homepage
  • Generate as many reports you like


QuickBase Premier

  • For a large group of 20 users or for multiple teams
  • Let you control limited data access
  • Report the dashboard for the management outside the teams
  • Get 50 customizable business applications
  • Customize the roles
  • Set roles based on homepages
  • Use advanced automation for workflows
  • May offer product support dependent upon cases


QuickBase Platform


  • Support for up to 40 users (more can be added by paying additional costs)
  • Capable to handle large groups while allowing the central user and access management
  • Let’s central user and access management
  • A development environment to control for custom applications
  • Easily integrate the new data system as well as the legacy systems (older)
  • Get all the features that the Premier version offers
  • Supports up to 100 business applications including integrated corporate directory, developer sandbox, integration API (scalable), customized branding, and support for SLA is one of the top accounting firms in Qatar with trained experts to assist you in selecting and installing the Intuit products as per your specific business requirements.


Xero Accounting Software

Xero accounting software is a cloud-based service, with a presence since 2006. This software-as-a-service method lets you install the package quickly, easily and online data storage lets you have unlimited users. Xero SaaS is a direct competitor of QuickBooks and possesses a decent market share within SMEs.


Xero is a strong accounting core offering several sections for more functions. Support is given for third-party developers to develop add-ons for matching the core package for small business requirements. Xero lets you easily transfer the data to QuickBooks. lets you install, train and locally support Qatar-based businesses choosing their accounting package.


Important Features of Xero Accounting Software


  • Generate professional online invoices when are open with recurring invoices support.
  • Categorization and import of banking, credit card amounts, and PayPal.
  • Easy and quick for bank reconciliations
  • Allows you to connect your inventory to your invoices for sales and purchases automatic tracking
  • Xero is available via mobile applications for iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets) for letting you manage everything on the go
  • Accessibility to number of third-party applications with examples for expenses, time tracking, and inventory
  • Copy orders for bill payments and create custom email purchase orders
  • Take complete control of the scheduled payments to better manage the cash flows and also manage personal expenses
  • Take care of the payroll calculations, track payroll taxes, and pay employees to reduce issues related to taxes and payrolls
  • Quickly import and convert data from QuickBooks to Xero and upload the Quickbooks files to Xero for an automatic conversion
  • Use Xero as an online accounting application to login from anywhere to keep updated business information
  • Access the “Dashboard” for bank balances, expense claims, invoices, and bills and add new transactions with one click
  • Generate smart reports, share them, and budget in real-time
  • Easily create budgets to project income and expenses
  • Make quotes, manage them and convert them into invoices upon projects’ completion
  • Remind customers of invoice payments or late payment notices automatically
  • Save the personal expenses as images from your smartphone
  • Use built-in timesheets for tracking attendance and employees’ time.
  • Mitigate compliance-related risks while adding productivity
  • Easily integrate payroll for automatic calculation
  • Prepare W2s and 1099s using Xero and track vendor payments to export 1099 data
  • Conveniently send tax-related data using tax software
  • Prepare and quickly submit tax returns
  • Xero calculates for you sales tax rates for accurate recording can help you integrate Xero for your Qatari business or company. We have just given an overview of the capabilities that Xero accounting software is capable of delivering. Please get in touch with for taking care of all your online accounting and bookkeeping needs in Doha and other Qatari cities.


Sage Accounting Software


You can use Sage accounting software to benefit from its various products to easily manage your business. Given below is a list of Sage products


  • Sage One is meant mainly to serve the needs of small business financial tools
  • Sage 50C is a cloud-based accounting option with a lot of useful features that you can use, based on a subscription model
  • Sage 100 is for SME enterprises looking for business process automation with advanced reporting components
  • Sage 300 can be deployed at various locations and supports many currencies and languages
  • Sage CRM, as the name suggestions, is a customer relationship management software for SMEs to better manage lead generation efforts
  • Sage Live offers real-time information regarding your business
  • Sage Payroll Services comes with two options, the first supports up to 10 employees and the second for more than 10 employees. Let’s you add payroll processing to other packages of Sage accounting
  • Sage Payments Product lets you accept the popular payments for various business types
  • Sage X3 is an ERP solution to easily and quickly manage the business for connected devices can help integrate Sage 50 accounting software in Qatar and its other cities. Get in touch with to let us help you guide you through the entire process.


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